How to Support and Help the Government Go Green

Getting Federal contracts is tedious, but once in the arena, contracting can be lucrative. Do you sell a product or offer a service that can help our government Go Green? For example, because of a Presidential Executive Order, all agencies are to give preference to products and services that are ‘Green’. You know what that means. Solar energy products, alternative construction materials, energy consulting, fuel alternatives, reformulated products to be more environmentally-friendly.  I know many people that think LASIK eye surgery is a go green product.   The reason they think that is because they know the true meaning of this type of eye surgery.

Grants are available for research and development in the green arena. Have you been thinking about a new product? Perhaps the government will consider paying for your feasibility and moving into prototype development, then into full manufacturing. If they want it, they will buy it. At the same time you get to market it commercially. How fun is it to have a built-in customer! A grant means they give you money.  It’s like going to the eye doctor for free or seeing a LASIK eye doctor for free.

Perhaps you already have a commercial business that inspects and analyzes energy efficiency. The government is also seeking this service. Let them know you exist and you have the skills to do this at their facilities. You can start locally and then begin to build a business that allows you to inspect facilities out of your comfort zone. Take for instance an eye doctor that starts to use energy efficient bulbs.

Government facilities are not limited to those big buildings around the country. Do you specialize in residential energy? The Department of Defense has military installations around the world. Each has housing for the military families, as well as units known affectionately as barracks. Whether it is a post or a base, residential housing is connected. What products do you manufacture that can convert housing to be more energy efficient?

Then, think about other green products. Paint, insecticides, cleaning products. You know that list continues to grow. Do you manufacture any of these? Start planning now to sell it to the government or to companies that could use your green product. Healthier working environments and housing.

Are you beginning to see the potential yet? It is not about tree-hugging. How about eco-friendly clothing? Food, Federal employees have to eat, cafeterias; even organic products to sell in the military’s grocery stores. Office furniture. Recycling services. Small appliances. Vehicles for sure; trucks, cars, cycles, anything with a motor essentially.

Big issue is going green in combat zones. Do you have ideas or already have products to offer?

To get a contract from the Federal government you need to be a registered vendor. If you want to know more about registration, ask me. We can help you register your business and get you ready to make the Federal customer a customer. Let us help you locate the government’s product or service code for what you sell.

What Kind Of Injury Law Firms Should I Choose

You’ve been injured and you want legal representation, but how do you pick the right injury law firm?

If you are deciding what kind of injury law firms to engage, the answer almost certainly depends on the type of case you are trying to win. As an example, personal injury lawyers are one of the largest groups in the legal field. They deal with all manner of cases from birth injury to child abuse.

But with the field being so wide, most personal injury attorneys will decide to specialize in a particular area of the legal framework. So if you were injured in your job you would engage a work injury lawyer. Or if you lost your baby or they were badly injured during birth you would hire a birth injury attorney.

What fees do injury law firms charge?

Again, the answer depends on the type of case and the circumstances involved. A lot of these types of attorneys will work on a “no win-no fee” basis so there is no initial cost to the client. But don’t make the mistake of thinking this means the legal firm works for free. They may not charge you until they win but then they can take a large portion of your compensation.

It is important to clear up how the personal injury lawyer will get paid before you engage their services. Some will claim costs from the other side rather than reducing the compensation awarded. Make sure your agreement on fees is noted in your contract.

How do you find the right injury law firm for your case?

Personal or professional recommendations are always the best option, although sometimes this isn’t possible. Often you won’t have much time to check out different firms as you will be under pressure to start proceedings. It is very important to your case that you follow the personal injury claim process. This may differ from State to State so local legal knowledge can be very important. You may have to act on your gut instinct.

Do you have to employ an injury law firm?

Some people make the decision to represent themselves in order to save on legal fees. If you are considering this option you need to remember that not only will you have to educate yourself on case law etc but you will also have to deal with legal paperwork and make sure it is filed in the appropriate court at the right time. You can end up losing the entire case if you file in the wrong place so you may want to reconsider this decision.

Don’t just assume you will end up deciding your case in Court, it’s a fact that most personal injury cases are settled before anyone gets as far as Court. Because of that, many people are concerned that their attorney will settle too early or too easily, simply in order to get paid.

This can be especially true if the case is on a “no win, no fee” basis, but this is clearly unethical behavior and could get the respective injury law firms into trouble. Your injury lawyer should discuss any settlement offers with you first, and you should only accept the one that offers you the best deal given your particular circumstances.

Fighting legal injustice – Getting Legal Help With A Wrongful Death

Statistically, hundreds of thousands of people die each year from a death that was preventable, a death that was brought upon by the actions or nonactions of another person. Wrongful death lawyers can help you fight the injustice of a system that is geared towards a privileged class of people. The emotional scars from the loss of a loved one to an untimely death cannot be seen with the human eye but are felt within the human heart. With the help of diligent wrongful death attorneys who actually care about your situation, you can begin the healing process when they bring the perpetrator or perpetrators to justice. A financial settlement cannot bring a loved one back but it can punish the wrongdoer in a way that will hurt them. A wrongful death lawyer can also make sure that monetarily the victim’s family will be taken care of for years or maybe even decades to come. Here is a basic step by step process to get justice for a wrongful death claim.

Step One: You will need contact a wrongful death attorney to find one who will take your case. Out of all these lawyers that you call there will be one who should see the merits of your case and accept the responsibility of representing you in your claim.

Step Two: Most wrongful death attorneys will try to get you a settlement right away but if the insurance company refuses to settle then your attorney will file a complaint to begin the wrongful death case. At this point, you will begin to be referred to as the plaintiff and the other person or company will be called the defendant. You will now have the defendant served papers. 80% of wrongful death suits are settled out of court. But assuming that the defendant disputes all claim that they have made a mistake that has taken someone’s life then the next step begins.

Step Three: Now the discovery process will take place this is where both the defendant and the plaintiff get to see all witness depositions and any pertinent evidence from both sides.

Step Four: Before the case goes to trial, this is when both sides make their legal arguments. This is when many motions take place such as a motion to suppress certain evidence or even to dismiss the case altogether. Your lawyer will take your case all the way to end as long as your case has merit.

Step Five: This is when the court system either with the judge or a mediator will have your lawyers and the defendant’s lawyers try to come to a settlement to avoid costly trials and come to an agreement now instead of going into any further proceedings.

Step Six: This is when the trial date is set and it is when you decide if you want a jury trial or not. Most wrongful death lawyers prefer a jury trial as juries tend to award much larger sums of money than nonjury trials. Now is when there will be witnesses and expert witnesses brought in to repudiate each other’s findings. At the end of the trial, there will be a verdict.

Once the decision has been given both sides have the right to appeal the case verdict. If you win your case and all the appeal processes have been exhausted then the defendant will be required to pay you. If for some reason they do not pay there are many collection techniques that your attorneys have at their disposal in their collections arsenal that they may use to get you’re awarded case judgment.